Last Update : 20 May 2024


An introduction

Library is the heart of any educational institution. The library of this college is our pride. Various scholars and politicians who have observed it have praised it. The college library is the best and most prestigious institute for scholars and researchers. It is equipped with a large number of books and research papersand annual journals.It has enough space for user friendly reading. From this year the library has been equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The library is now monitored by surveillance cameras. All types of information related to books have been fully computerized, so that students will be able to get all the information by just clicking the computer mouse. 3000 books are available in our library

Reading room

• Daily, weekly, monthly and monthly magazine magazines of Hindi, English and other languages ​​are available here. Students can use the newspapers and magazines here for general interest and entertainment and daily news.

Main collection room

• Most of the activities of the library take place here. Keeping the books of different subjects in view of the convenience of the students, they are protected in open racks on the basis of technical arrangement. For the special convenience of the students, books of various subjects have been divided into two parts, Hindi and English

Textbook and book-bank department

A large room on the left side attached to the main collection room is for textbooks and book bank. There is complete arrangement for students to sit and study. Along with this, there is a book-bank arrangement in this room, in which multiple copies of different authors are available on each subject. From here on, students are issued 'books' for the entire session on certain conditions. This facility is provided to deserving, meritorious and economically weaker students.